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Aug 14


Holy Joe’s ready to collect orders for Quarbani/Udhaya for Eid ul Adha 2015.

We are providing this service for the Charlotte Area. If you are using this service please fill out the form (Available Online) or at the Register at 

Address: 10210 Berkeley Pl Dr #120 Charlotte, NC 28262‎


Note: Eid al-Adha 2015 begins in the evening of

Wednesday, September 23
and ends in the evening of
Thursday, September 24
Dates may vary. – Dates are based on Google

Holy Joes Qurbani Order Form


Sample Quarbani Order Form:

Order Form for Qurbani/Udhiya

Customer Information


Full Name:  ______________________

Phone:         ______________________

Email:          ______________________

Please select one option 

*Price includes processing and packaging.  Average weight of lamb or goat is approximately between 25-40 pounds.  Shares in a cow will be allocated amongst all 7Qurbani performers.  Average weight of cow is approximately between 400-500 pounds (average share weight will be 65-75 pounds).

Lamb  $6.99/lb.                     Goat  $6.99/lb.                                  Cow  $4.29/lb.          


$10.00 Extra/Head:

Deposit Amount:  ______________________________________________

 Please provide the name of the person(s) from whom the qurbani is being offered

  1. Name: ______________________

Father’s Name:  ______________________

  1. Name: ______________________

Father’s Name:  ______________________

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