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10210 Berkeley Place Dr. #120
Charlotte, NC 28262
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Mon- Fri 11 AM - 8 PM
Sat - Sun 10 AM - 8 PM

Welcome to Holy Joes Meats & More!

Holy Joes provides fresh, local, and healthy choices of Meats and More. We are a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. We offer a variety of Zabiha Halal meat and seafood for every budget along with a large selection of fresh and packaged foods. Come savor our tender and juicy steaks, the most delicious choice of lamb, goat, chicken, fish and our fine collection of specialty foods. Holy Joes is bound to have what your're looking for!


Holy Joes – Top Quality Halal Meats

Holy Joes Halal Meats and More is an Online & In store purchase Indian Grocery Store providing all kind of halal meats (Chicken, Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Goats, Turkey (Seasonal), all kind of local North Carolina Fish and Indian Fishes, indian groceries, indian food, indian spices, deep frozen food, Indian frozen food and more. Indian Grocery Products at their finest, making the cuisine of India Delightfully Yours at Holy Joes Halal Meats and More, Charlotte, NC.

Spice up your food selection with our palate of spices, in addition to the finest Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in Charlotte!

Selection of different Snacks, Chutneys, Sauces, Pickles, Papad, Sweets, Canned foods, Instant Foods, Biscuits, Bakery Products, Jaggery, Mukhwas, Beverages, Dry Fruits, Tea, Coffee, Beans, Spices, Masalas, Flours, Rice, Health & Beauty, Household Items, Incense & Pooja Supplies from Various Popular Brands like Deep, Mirch Masala, Curry Classics, Udupi, Haldiram, Reena’s, Bansi, Knoor, Dabur & Amul.

Latest News: 

 You can now start ordering Quarbani/Udhiya for the EID al Adha 2015 using the Holy Joes Quarbani/Udhiya form. You need to fill this form and submit this form at the counter with payments for ordering your Quarbani/Udhiya.

We believe in

1. RESPONSIBLY and BEST RAISED MEATS (Chicken, Goat, Lamb and Beef).

2. Local and Organic Meats as much as possible (Organic Meats available on Request).

3. All our animals are fed with Non GMO Ingredients.

4. We believe in fresh and clean meat.


Meat Rate (Price/Lb)


Lamb/Goat Chicken Beef
Loin Chops – $13.49 Whole Chicken – $2.29 Loin Steaks – $9.99
Rib Chops – $11.49 Leg Quarters – $1.49 Sirloin Steaks – $7.89
Rack – $9.99 Drumsticks – $2.49 Round Steaks – $5.49
Shanks – $8.69 Wings – $3.49 Beef Stir Fry – $5.69
Leg Back – $8.79 Boneless Breast – $3.99 Beef Stew – $5.49
Shoulders/ Leg Front- $8.39 Boneless Thigh – $3.49 Lean Ground Beef – $5.99
Stew Meat – $7.99 (Bone-In) Ground Chicken – $4.19 Ground Beef – $5.39
Stew Meat – $9.79 (BoneLess) Rib Eye – $9.99
Ground Meat – $9.99 Filet Mignon – $10.99
Whole Lamb – $7.49

Spice up your food selection with our palate of spices, in addition to the finest Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in Charlotte!

Choose from our wide variety of:

Place your order now!

Assorted nuts Coffee and tea
Fresh-baked pita bread Dried fruits
Healthy grains Juices
Legumes Olives and olive oils
Roasted seeds Syrups
Dairy products Jams (apricot, fig and rose petal)
Tahini Pickled items
Cookies Confections
Grape leaves Flours, noodles, and rice
Halva Zaatar Mixes

Enjoy our natural, delicious, homemade pita bread

Our pita bread is baked fresh daily from scratch with only the finest natural ingredients. Come in today and taste for yourself why it’s the best in Charlotte!

Puck, Puck cheese, Nido milk, Vimto syrup, vimto cans, pita bread, tuna, date, Zaatar, couscous, pomegranate molasses, honey, chick peas, foul, Fava beans, Hummus, vermicelli, Montana okra, Montana molokhia, fillo pastry sheets, kataifi, puff pastry square, baba ghanouj, black olives, green olives, Tahini, rose water, flower water, mire


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